Using Reiki with Other Healing Tools; Article by Angie Webster

Using Reiki with Other Healing Tools; Article by Angie Webster

Using Reiki with Other Healing Tools

I write frequently about the many ways to use Reiki in your everyday life. The uses are endless. There is actually nothing you can’t apply intention and Reiki to. There are many other useful healing tools we can make use of throughout our day which Reiki energy can boost the effectiveness of, even if we don’t use these methods in a professional Reiki practice.

Once you begin to develop your understanding of the fact that we are literally immersed in the Universal Energy that supports all life, you begin to understand that we are actually always interacting with it. It is within us and all around us. It is within and all around everything and everyone we encounter. Recognizing this allows us to begin to interact with this Universal Energy and the healing energy it holds in every situation.

Here are a few other healing tools you can use Reiki with during your everyday life and some interesting ways to use them. Enjoy.

1. Healing/medicinal herbs or teas. Prior to using an herb to assist with healing during an illness, send Reiki to it for a minute or two, just as you would to bless food you were about to eat. Ask for the greatest good and send your intention/prayer.

Herbs can be seen as representing the Earth, so you may wish to offer a moment of thanks to the Earth for the healing plants she offers us. If you are having them in hot tea, you may also thank the water, the fire which heats it, the air which lifts the warm steam to your nostrils, making them feel so comforted and perhaps opening them when they are congested. Remember to thank Reiki as well, which is the life force energy which supports all of it and brings healing energy to you.

Using Reiki with Other Healing Tools

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You may also find benefit in making herbal pouches or sachets to either wear or to place around your home. Their healing energy is amazing and they smell so divine! Rosemary, lavender, sage or rose are wonderful to bring a feeling of blessing, serenity and protection. Whatever you are using herbs for, offer them Reiki first and their benefits will increase.

2. Essential Oils. When you buy a bottle of essential oils, or when you are blending essential oils with a carrier oil, you can boost its beneficial properties by sending it Reiki for a couple minutes. Ask Reiki to work for the greatest good, as always.

A nice way to further use Reiki with essential oils is to apply a drop or two of an essential oil in a carrier oil, such as sesame, olive or jojoba oil, to your hands prior to doing your self Reiki treatment. You could also choose an oil that is good for anointing, such as frankincense, sandalwood or myrrh (use in a base oil, never alone), and touch a drop to each foot, hand and chakra point after your morning bath or shower, asking that each work that day in the purest possible Divine light.

3. Crystals and stones. The healing properties of any stone or crystal can be greatly magnified by sending Reiki to the stone. You can use Reiki with crystals and stones for a variety of purposes. Reiki can be used to cleanse the stone, to set an intention for the stone and charge it, you can even program a stone to release Reiki on its own, as needed, whenever it is for the greatest good.

Reiki grids using crystals have benefitted many, but very simple uses such as charging a crystal with Reiki and keeping it in your pocket, on your desk or nightstand is very useful as well. You can also write a concern on a piece of paper or draw a picture of something you are trying to work on, if you like. Then place one or more Reiki charged crystals on top of the paper, asking that they assist with the issue. I also always ask the assistance of my guides and Mother Mary. If you use this process, be prepared to let go of the issue after you set the intention and prayer. It may take time to resolve. But the process is very beneficial and can be useful for emotional issues, in particular.

Sending Reiki to medications and homeopathic remedies, or flower essences is also very beneficial. I find that herbs, essential oils, crystals and flower essences all have a very particular vibration all their own. I can feel their unique life force energies quite strongly and I enjoy honoring that with gratitude as part of the healing process. Tune in and notice the ways we are surrounded with life force! Honor it and embrace your ability to heal.

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