Living a Reiki Life; Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

Living a Reiki Life; Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

Living a Reiki Life

Some of you reading this article are full-time Reiki practitioners. Most of us are not. Many of us use Reiki in our personal lives with family and friends, and do not have a professional Reiki practice. Others of us have a job to help pay bills and practice Reiki on a part-time basis. No matter what your circumstances are, all of us have opportunities to live a Reiki life – no matter what our practice of Reiki looks like.

A Reiki life is one where Reiki is integrated into all aspects of our lives. Rather than using Reiki as a last resort, Reiki is often the first thing we think of, in almost every situation.

  • You bump your leg hard into your bedpost; you sit down and apply Reiki to the spot right away.
  • You feel angry when your spouse forgets to mention your birthday before he went to work; you sit quietly with your hands over your heart, applying Reiki to your negative emotional reactions.
  • You feel distant from the Universe and desire spiritual guidance on a major decision; you meditate while using Reiki energies to reconnect.

We know Reiki works in all aspects of our being – mind, body and spirit. We know there are no limits to Reiki healing, and we have the opportunity to use it every day, all throughout the day to establish peace and harmony within our beings.

Living a Reiki Life

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For those of us who work in some aspect of the corporate world, Reiki can certainly help us get through the complexities of our work lives.

  • We can send Reiki to future meetings and events.
  • We can give ourselves Reiki to navigate through decisions and actions, with integrity and with the goal for the highest good of all.
  • We can use Reiki to remain calm and focused, within the midst of great stress, or company goals solely based on greed.
  • We can become the islands of peacefulness, and coworkers may seek us out, asking how we can remain so calm in the chaotic sea! If this happens to you, it is a great opportunity to talk about the importance of Reiki in your life.

The healing energies of Reiki come into our physical and spiritual bodies, and these emanate into the world surrounding us – at work and at home. Using Reiki throughout our days, and in our work and home environments, can truly change the energies from negative to positive.

When we become mindful of this reality, we can make choices, minute to minute, to bring harmony and peacefulness in our lives and into the lives of our associates and family members. Our decisions to voice an opinion, or not voice an opinion, can change the energy in a meeting, or during a discussion with a family member. Whether or not we recognize this power, it exists.

Let us integrate Reiki into every minute of our lives. We can create lives of harmonious existence, or not. It is our choice.

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